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Here you can find all the information you need to help you understand all kinds of certificates for making wills, opening bank accounts and registering births.

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Information you will need

  • Groom's Surname at Marriage
  • Groom's Forenames at Marriage
  • Bride's Surname at Marriage:
  • Bride's Forenames at Marriage:
  • Place of Marriage
  • Date of Marriage (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • If the exact date is unknown please enter year (and month if known). A search will be carried out a year before and after the date you specify
  • For Marriages after 1957 both the father's surnames and forenames of the Groom and bride are required fields (if the father's names are not stated on the certificate please state "N/A" in the fields).
  • Groom's Fathers name¬†
  • Bride's Fathers name: